Life Enrichment Program

Highland Court offers many different social and leisure activities through the life enrichment program to help residents continue to be active, social, and involved in their community. We strive to offer options that meet a variety of needs and enrich the whole person, including social, physical, spiritual, nutritional, and intellectual opportunities.  Each day, we make time to connect and play. As always, we welcome family and friends to join us at Highland Court in any of our activities or events.

Reduced stress, increased longevity, greater fitness…  there are many benefits of remaining social! At Highland Court, we couldn’t agree more. Our Activities Director, Gary Wurden, and our amazing team of care staff advocate for each resident’s social life.  Gary first began his career at Highland Court working as a chef.  It is safe to say he won over the hearts of our residents and has since taken over our Activities department.  Gary’s calm, compassionate, caring, and patient demeanor is cherished by our community. Check out our Facebook page to see what Gary has been planning (or, check our calendar!) and get to know the Highland Court family!

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What to Expect

Expect to be seen and heard.  As soon as a new resident moves into Highland Court, Cheryl sits down with each individual to better get to know them.  By gaining an understanding of each person’s history, interests and hobbies, we can build activities to suit their liking!  What’s more, each resident offers our community their own unique individuality. Sharing stories, playing games, celebrating holidays and enjoying local talents are just a few of the ways we connect each day.  

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