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My bride Josi was a resident at Highland Court for about five months. Her Dementia caused her to not be the easiest resident, I’m sure. But her care at Highland was simply outstanding. I got to know many of the employees and care-givers. I have never known such compassionate and patient people! She has passed now, but I miss the ‘crew’ at Highland like they were ‘family’. If a family member needs a place for a person with memory issues, at least locally, there can be no finer, safer, friendlier place for them to live out what’s left of their life. Thank you, Highland!

Bill Hiller

I am a local health care provider that has very recently been faced with trying to make one of the hardest decisions of my life. I had to make the difficult choice of having to place my 88 year old mother at a memory care facility. After much consideration I decided to place her at Highland Court Memory Care. I would like to take this time to acknowledge how impressed I have been with the service that I have received from staff at this facility. I would like to especially acknowledge how Kirsten Clawson has gone beyond the call of duty to help with all my concerns and emotional family issues pertaining to her placement.

Kirsten has at all times kept me informed of my mother’s behavior and how she is adjusting to her new residence. Being in the know of what is happening gives me and my family great peace of mind. After spending time with your staff, I realized how committed everyone is to making sure that residents feel at home. They are caring and affectionate, and seem to enjoy spending time with the residents. Administrative staff are also caring and engage with the residents. Moreover, the facility is beautifully decorated and most importantly very safe.

The food is amazing and nutrition oriented. When I had my mom living at home I would spend hours trying to get her to eat what I had prepared for her meals, she would adamantly refuse to eat. At your facility, she readily seats down at meals and eats at least 95% of the food on her plate. That has been a great improvement.

After my pleasant experience, I would undoubtedly recommend Highland Court Memory Care to patients and families that may be looking for a wonderful place to put their loved ones, and I greatly appreciate what you have done to make this transition less painful.

Bernadette Gonsalves, PA-C